President Jones - Elected Board of Education

Hello Neighbor,

Like you, I care about the future of children in Saint Louis.  I am running for re-election on the St. Louis Board of Education because I believe the future of St. Louis rests on making sure that every child in every neighborhood obtains a high-quality public education.

 Under my leadership, for the first time in almost 10, years the St. Louis Elected Board of Education was invited to the table to begin the process of transition back to local governance. With your help I plan to get us across that finish line so that taxpayers in St. Louis will have a say in education once again.

 Over the last 4 years, I have dedicated many hours to volunteering, advocating, developing programs, and fighting for the students and families of St. Louis Public Schools.

As a product of St. Louis Public Schools, former educator, parent, and now President, I strongly believe our best investment is in the education of our children.

Susan R.Jones 





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